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Scratch Pad

Wish/TODO list

  • Add Blender operation-ability to enGrid on Windows, since it already works on Linux.
  • Add the example for plug-ins to the build list (enGrid 1.3 and above).
  • Bring back the MinGW builds and add MinGW-w64.
  • Update the tutorial for Version 1.2, based on the latest info available on the git repo.
  • Help fix bugs #6 and #3.

MSVC2008 Express x64

Content moved to here: Configure Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Express to also build for Windows x64

enGrid in Eclipse

A few notes more oriented to Linux:

  1. Install Eclipse Classic from here: [1]
  2. Install CDT stuff for Eclipse, as explained here: [2]
  3. Install Qt plug-in:
    1. Download plug-in from here: [3]
    2. Follow instructions from here: [4]

When that's all installed:

  1. Setup the shell environment. Example, have an alias like this in ~/.bashrc:
    alias vtkenv='export VTKINCDIR=/usr/include/vtk-5.6; export VTKLIBDIR=/usr/lib64; export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:$VTKLIBDIR'
  2. Start a new terminal or:
    source ~/.bashrc
  3. Run the alias:
  4. Run Eclipse from that shell/terminal:
  5. Menu File -> Import:
    1. Qt -> Qt Project;
    2. Choose the file at your local enGrid src folder.

Setting up debugging capabilities:

  1. Menu Run -> Debug Configurations.
  2. Pick the branch C/C++ Application.
  3. Click on the Add new icon on the top left.
  4. On the panel on the right, the newly created enGrid configuration appears. On the Main tab, item C/C++ Application, type in:
  5. On the tab Environment add the following entry:
    1. Name: {code}LD_LIBRARY_PATH{/code}
    2. Value:
  6. On the tab Debugger, remove the {code}.gdbinit{/code} from the entry GDB command file.
  7. Apply and you're done.
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