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Some Problem with the first tutorial
  • Stephan.Lange October 2010
    Hey Guys,

    I'm using enGrid my first time and I want to start with the two tutorials. I follow your description in the enGrid manual but when I will create the grid with Mesh >> create prismatic boundary layer and selecting boundary conditions 1 and 2 the program shows me, after selecting the "OK"-button, the following error:

    Boundary code 1 is not part of the volume".
    file: guicreateboundarylayer.cpp
    line: 90

    Can someone help me, please?

    Kind regards
  • Oliver October 2010

    sorry, but the tutorial in the manual is a bit outdated. Please try the tutorial from P.Bomke (see link below) ... idLong.pdf

  • vaina74 January 2011
    sorry, could anyone share the above documentation? the link is not working.
  • vaina74 January 2011
    I got no replies, but I found the tutorial by googling. About the script to make Blender export in enGrid format, I don't know if it's already included in Blender (I don't use it). Anyway, I found this ( and I think it's the right one. Save in ~/.blender/scripts/ to use it through the Blender import/export menus. If I'm not correct, please report.
    I share both files from my Dropbox account (I think there are some problems with enGrid homesite).


    export script:

  • Oliver January 2011
    Sorry about that -- the website got hacked last year and not everything seems to be back in the right places yet ...
  • miguelfg August 2011
    Hi Vaina,

    Do u know where to get the engrid_export.pyc file, i saw in the scripts folder almost all scripts have the .py and the .pyc files, and this one i could only get the .py. Also i can't manage to show it in the export menu, that's why i'm looking for the .pyc like sth is missing...

    I put my in -> ~/.blender/scripts/blender$
    restarted blender
    updated scripts menu

    But the new export script is missing :-S
  • miguelfg August 2011
    SOLVED!, i just had to take away the line numbers that are on the file :)

    Now i can export from Blender to Engrid