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  • Oliver May 2010
    After about a year of a rolling release (called 1.1-pre-release) we have
    decided to make a "proper" release available. We encourage everybody to
    test this release and report any problems. Before mid May it is
    envisaged to finalise this release which will then be called 1.2.0.
    Currently engrid-1.2rc1 is available as source code on our server

    Binary packages will follow shortly; please check the server for any
    updates or send us an email and we will notify you when a binary package
    for your Linux distribution becomes available.

    Version 1.2 of enGrid has a significantly improved algorithm for
    boundary layer creation and an integrated surface mesher. A file
    template mechanism offers the possibility to create dedicated solver
    output for OPENFOAM (OPENFOAM is a registered trade mark of OpenCFD
    Limited) or other solvers. Currently simpleFoam and rhoSimpleFoam are
    supported (versions 1.5 & 1.6). Contributions for other solvers would be
    most welcome and we will certainly help anybody who wants to extend
    enGrid's export capabilities.

    In the future we will publish regular bug-fixes for this release and are
    planning to release 1.3 towards the end of 2010. The emphasis for 1.3
    will be put on performance, robustness and documentation along with
    small improvements that arise from daily support or engineering tasks.