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No CGNS Support
  • Pat84 April 2010
    Dear community,

    i have installed engrid on ubuntu as descriped. At the end of the tutorial i tried to export the mesh in cgns, but i got an Error.

    The error message is follow:

    CGNS support has not been compiled

    file: cgnswriter.ccp

    I don't know what to do, because i have installed cgns with engrid. I tried to install cgns again, but nothing changed.

    I hope someone can help me with my issue.

    Kind regards,
  • Mike April 2010
    That's because CGNS support is disabled by default.
    To enable it, you have to change the following line in engrid_installer_updater.cfg:
    and then rebuild engrid.
  • marcelon99 December 2012
    How can I rebuild Engrid?
  • wyldckat December 2012
    Greetings marcelon99,

    It should be simple enough:
    make clean
    make -j4

    Best regards,