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Surface Mesh that comes with the volume / Layer mesh thickne
  • admin March 2009
    Hello enGriders,

    is it possible:

    - to get rid of the surface mesh before exporting the mesh to e.g. to gmsh? It puzzles the transfer to my application which does not accept the additional surface mesh (converting it is not as simple as nodes have to be renumbered).

    - to set the layer thickness of the surface layer?

    - to inhibit layer creation at the inlet?

    apart of that I'd like to mention that I appreciate your work a lot!


  • admin March 2009

    First thing: Could you please subscribe to the list, because I had to
    manually accept your message?

    To answer your questions:

    Right now you cannot get rid of the surface mesh before exporting it. I
    guess it would be fairly easy to write a volume-only export function,
    though. I have to admit, however, that I am not sure I understood the
    problem. Why don't you simply ignore the surface elements (triangles &
    quads)? There are (or should not be) any duplicate nodes in the exported
    file. If you have a simple file format, maybe we can write a direct
    export for your code -- or, even better, we simply set up an empty
    export module with a few hints on how to access the mesh data and you
    write it yourself.

    You can specify the thickness of the first layer when you subdivide the
    initial layer. The size of the initial layer is more difficult to
    prescribe, because it depends on the local mesh size (triangles &
    tetras). There are, however, a number of parameters that control this
    and we will add a config-dialogue to control these soon.

    That should be no problem. Do you have a (simple) example to illustrate
    exactly what you mean?

    Btw., thanks for you interest in the software!

  • admin March 2009
    Dear Oliver,

    sorry for puzzling you sending messages without subscription to the list. That has been corrected.

    You were right, it is possible to strip off the surface mesh while converting. I had the node numbering set up wrongly causing the further trouble. Exporting, converting and importing works fine now.

    I would appreciate a config-dialogue to control layer creation. To my understanding the resulting inner mesh consisting of tets looks a bit "squeezed". Of course I refer to the geometries I have to deal with and which are mainly castings, so low wall thickness are prevailing. In some areas rest inbetween the layers gets very thin.

    Furthermore, concerning very complex and large geometries, neg jac elements might be an issue. At least I have been observing some in the last mesh I created. I try to deal with it via the surface resolution, but that might take some more time (layer creation!). I will keep you informed.

    Best regards

  • admin March 2009
    Dear Oliver,

    Did you publish any paper on the technological background of the layer processing?