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limits of 1000000
  • elephantwalker50 December 2012
    notice a cell limit of 1000000 while trying to import a blender file.

    I'm trying to model a fairly complex geometry, and have plenty of cpu's and gb. Is there any way to extend this limit?

  • elephantwalker50 December 2012
    Ok...I found the problem.

    First I was using the following combination of modeling tools.

    1. SolidWorks. the shape is too complex for bender. If you export in STL, even with course definition, there are too many faces. You must export in VRML 1.0, and use the options/document properties/image quality to control the resultion to 1.67 mm.
    2. Import the wrl into Blender, and I notice that the complex shape is broken down into five or six different meshes instead of one. Do the normal fixing of the mesh in Blender, name your faces, and export into enGrid.
    3. Now go into enGrid 1.4, import Blender, and Bob's your Uncle, you can now import the entire complex shape reliably into enGrid.

    It seems that STL is unreliable vs VRML 1.0.

  • wyldckat December 2012
    Greetings elephantwalker50,

    Many thanks for the update!
    But the limit you found out is nonetheless a source of concern. So if you can detail a bit about the issue:

    1. From your last description, it looks like the 1 million cell limit was triggered when importing into enGrid, correct?

    2. What was the size of the file that you were importing? Over 1 or 2GB?

    Best regards,