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encountered problem when working on the damper example using enGrid 1.4
  • phsieh2005 November 2012
    Dear enGrid experts,

    I just installed enGrid 1.4 on both Win 7_64 and OpenSUSE 12.2 64. When I was trying out the damper example, I encountered an error during the step of "Create the Volume Mesh" after I clicked "Mesh>> create/improve volume mesh (NETGEN)". I got a window popped up, saying: Netgen stopped with the following error: Illegal state observed in SwapImprove". I am wondering what I did wrong.


  • Oliver November 2012

    That message comes up every so often -- I assume it is some kind of bug in NETGEN. You can try to run the surface mesher for a few more iterations and than retry. Engrid still uses version 4.9 of Netgen for the tet meshing. I will probably try to use version 5 soon and maybe that problem will disappear ...