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Please Help with Engrid 1.3 Install on Ubuntu 12.04
  • jmct November 2012
    I installed Engrid and it opened but did not have the file browsers commands in the GUI. I tried to re-install, but now it will not run at all. Do I need to uninstall and start over? How do I uninstall? Thanks in advance.
  • wyldckat November 2012
    Greetings jmct,

    Uninstalling will depend on the commands you executed. If you simply ran build.bash for installing, then to uninstall you simply need to delete engrid's main folder.

    As for reinstalling it, might I suggest that you try the latest enGrid 1.4.0 that currently is still in beta, but I think it should already working as intended:

    Best regards,
  • jmct November 2012
    Thanks Bruno; I'll give it a try and let you know how it goes.
  • jmct November 2012
    I performed the reinstall and it seemed to go well. I still do not have any file commands at the top of my screen as shown in the tutorial. Is the tutorial from the windows version? How do I import stl files?
  • wyldckat November 2012
    Wait... no file commands? Do you mean the menu is gone?
    Since you're using Ubuntu 12.04 and assuming you haven't changed from the Unity desktop manager, try moving the mouse to the top upper side of the screen. The menu should appear in the top most bar!
  • jmct November 2012
    Thanks! New to Ubuntu, but I guess that is obvious now.