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throttle.geo request
  • admin March 2009
    Dear Oliver,

    Sorry for writing to you directly. I'm trying to write to the list, but
    am having trouble. I have a simple request, however; maybe you can

    Can you send me the throttle.geo file used to generate throttle.msh?
    I've spent hours working with Gmsh - importing a STEP file, meshing the
    surface, creating physical groups and saving the mesh but my surface
    orientations still come out wrong. I think reading throttle.geo
    could help me on this.

    Perhaps throttle.geo could be included with the download?

    Best regards,

  • admin March 2009
    Hello Mark,

    Here are the *.geo file and the corresponding STEP geometry. Access to
    Sourceforge seems a bit flaky at times. We have moved to GIT for version
    control and the repository is now on our own server (here in the
    office). Mike is currently looking into setting up a PhpBB forum to
    (maybe) replace the mailing list. If your surface orientation is wrong
    you can reorient it; but I guess you tried that already. If the
    orientation is not consistent it means that your surface mesh is not
    water-tight. Again, we (mainly Mike) are currently working to have
    surface meshing integrated into enGrid with better control over the mesh
    density as well.

    Best regards,