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Memory usage
  • admin March 2009

    I have successfully built a mesh with 1.3 million cells using enGrid 1.0.

    However, when trying to refine the mesh, I quickly run out of memory -- I have
    4 GB RAM.

    Does anyone have suggestions to build finer meshes with enGrid?

    Jose Santos
  • linnemann June 2009
    Hi Jose

    Not knowing how your geometry looks it can be hard to tell, but a good starting point is to make a mesh which is coarser as you move away from the flow/solid part of interest.

    you can fx take a look at the geometry I posted here (the stl file) This geometry was created with Salome and the surface mesh was also generated in Salome and then exported to a stl.

    Another possibility is to create a fine surface mesh to begin with and then skip the refine step, it will produce the same result, but possibly take less memory.

    The last resort would be to switch to 64bit and invest in more memory since memory is dirt cheap atm. :-)