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Possible bug
  • admin March 2009
    Hi everyone,

    First, thanks for the great software! I'm enjoying using it!

    I created an unstructured 2-D mesh in Gmsh, extruded said mesh (ordered)
    to form first order wedges, 1 element thick, defined Physical surfaces
    and saved the mesh.

    I imported the mesh into Engrid, reversed the surface orientation,
    inspected which boundary codes were to be used for boundary layers,
    and hit, 'Create prismatic boundary layer'.

    Engrid returned:

    Error: There seems to be a bug in enGrid.

    file: createvolumemesh.cpp

    The 'output' window in Engrid shows:

    creating boundary layer mesh)

    preparing prismatic layer

    deleting tetrahedral cells

    relaxing mesh size : 0% done

    deleting tetrahedral cells

    deleting Operation 0x9e1d68

    I check the windows version (using wine), it generates the same error.

    So, should i submit a bug report via the bugtracker available of
    Sourceforge? (I'm new to this!)

    Best regards,

  • admin March 2009
    I answered my own question. The mesh I created in Gmsh, is ordered
    through the thickness. The 2-D elements, then, are quads; I selected,
    'Create Prismatic boundary layer', but there were no triangles available
    for meshing.

    So, I guess my next question is: Are there plans for hexahedral
    boundary layer generation?

    Thanks again for the software!