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meshing with several cpus
  • jake March 2011
    Hello everbody

    i am new to engrid and want to know if it is possible to mesh with several cpus in parallel mode.

    Thanks for your help!

  • Oliver March 2011

    short answer: not yet.

    Certain parts of the meshing process can and will be parallelised; as always, it is a question of when do we have the time (and demand) to do so.

    Are you interested in using a multi-core CPU (shared memory) or a cluster (distributed memory)?

  • jake April 2011
    Hi Oliver

    thanks for your quick answer! The mesh I work with has about 10 million cells so it would have been great to mesh in parallel mode.
    Maybe in the next time ;)

    Regards Jake
  • Hi Oliver,

    I'm trying to mesh a car. As you know this is a very complex geometry. I'm stuck in the improve surface mesh step. I am using an i7 with 12Gb RAM. It seems it is a lot of work to improve the surface mesh. While improving I can see engrid it is using just one CPU and I don't like to have idle cores ;)

    You tell Jake you will implement a paralleised version when you have time and demand, well, we will be happy to have a parallelised engrid. So we can fill the "demand" item!

    We work with a multi-core machines, so we are interested in using a shared memory paradigm.



    PS: As everybody says, thank you for your work!

  • +1 on demand! :)
  • It may be (is?) possible to make use of multiple cores by simply starting multiple instances of Engrid and pursuing alternate meshing strategies simultaneously on the various instances. Only complication is that it overwrites the .vtu files etc, but I had it working somehow last night. Good for identifying baseline initial settings. Four at a time seems to fill eight threads pretty well.

    Perhaps there is a way to mesh a different patches with each instance, save different versions of the mesh (each with a different meshed patch), and combine the meshed file portions manually. But I have not tried it.

    TeamViewer is brilliant for this stuff as I can follow it and restart meshing when I am not at the machine.
  • anothr_acc June 2012
    Hi atypicalguy,

    I'm doing the same thing, though it seems that on occasion the report pane gets confused, crossing messages from the different instances; or I do. However, running 48 jobs at the same time is a headache. ;)
  • Yes I agree keeping them all straight is like juggling. I have never been good at juggling.