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running enGrid on OS X 10.5.6 + Qt 4.3.5 + VTK 5.2.1
  • admin March 2009

    Congratulations for the 1.0 release. I would like to drop a quick note
    about my experience with building and running enGrid-1.0 on OS X
    10.5.6 Intel + Qt 4.3.5 + VTK 5.2.1.

    1. Building: OS X issues
    The only modification required with the source code itself was to change
    typedef unsigned int uint_t;
    in mathvector.h to
    typedef unsigned long uint_t;
    because it clashes with the uint_t definition in OpenTransport.h:
    typedef unsigned long uint_t;
    . Another required modification was to the project setting. The libraries
    were needed to the linker flags.

    2. Building: Qt 4.3 issues
    I am still using Qt 4.3.5 because it is an officially supported
    version of ParaView. The problems that came from the version were that
    there are no
    (used in guisettingsviewer.cpp) nor
    class QFormLayout
    (used in guisettingstab.cpp) in Qt.4.3.

    3. Running issue
    After having got around the issues enGrid compiled. However when I
    load the sample throttle.msh and choose Mesh -> create/improve volume
    mesh (NETGEN), enGrid crashed after a bit of meshing calculations at
    (gdb) backtrace
    #0 0x000c3306 in netgen::CalcBad ()
    #1 0x000bc180 in netgen::MeshOptimize3d::SwapImprove ()
    #2 0x0011833b in netgen::MeshVolume ()
    #3 0x000a2745 in nglib::Ng_GenerateVolumeMesh ()
    #4 0x0001028e in CreateVolumeMesh::operate ()
    #5 0x0004d0d7 in OperationThread::run ()
    #6 0x028692c6 in QThreadPrivate::start ()
    #7 0x92742095 in _pthread_start ()
    #8 0x92741f52 in thread_start ()
    I have to admit that obviously I tried this operation without reading
    Tutorial 1, but a more graceful behavior would be nice. On the
    contrary if I follow the tutorial procedure, enGrid ran fine.

    Hope this information is useful.