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Compilation problem -- Engrid 1.0
  • admin March 2009

    I am having the following problem while compiling Engrid 1.0:

    guimainwindow.o: In function `Ui_GuiMainWindow::setupUi(QMainWindow*)':
    undefined reference to `QVTKWidget::QVTKWidget(QWidget*,
    collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
    make: *** [engrid] Error 1

    The specifications of my OS are:
    openSUSE 11.1

    I should stress that I have compiled the previous versions of Engrid withouth
    any errors.

    Any help is appreciated.

  • admin March 2009
    Time permitting we would like to make RPMs or Debian packages available.
    Another option might be a huge binary package with all the required
    libraries (similar to OpenFOAM).

    I have prepared a simple archive with all required libraries. You can
    download it from here:

    If you unpack it you will get a directory enGrid_linux64bit_1.0 and
    inside there is a small shell script called setup. Please call this
    script from within the directory (./setup). It will copy everything to
    /opt/enGrid and put a start_engrid script in /usr/local/bin. Please let
    me know if it works for you. If yes I might put it on SourceForge as
    64bit Linux binary.

  • admin March 2009

    The package you prepared is working very well, thanks a lot! I just changed
    your script a little because I dont have root permission on the CFD cluster.

    Best regards,