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enGrid Support

Free Support

Free support can be found on our online discussion forum.

Commercial Support

If you plan to use enGrid in a commercial or time critical environment, please consider our commercial support offer. Everyone who registers a support account with us receives an initial amount for free (see details below). We do not require to sign long term support or maintenance contracts; instead you can try our support on a very small budget and extend it as required.


To register a support account, please send an email to support@engits.com, or
call +49-7671-992-511-0. The following information is required: name, address (company), email, and phone number of a contact person. As soon as we have received this information, a support account will be set up for you. Immediately afterwards, you will have 15 minutes of support time available; this welcome time is free of charge and can be used whether or not you intend to purchase more time later on.


We give support related to all aspects of enGrid; this includes, but is not restricted to:

  •   • installation
  •   • user training
  •   • solution of specific problems
  •   • information about specific capabilities or requirements
  •   • “work-arounds” for certain bugs or deficiencies
  •   • help to extend enGrid in order to match your requirements
  •   • etc.

A support request should generally start with a small email describing the problem. This email should also include the following information:

  •   • customer ID (provided by the email confirming your registration)
  •   • a phone number where we can reach you>
  •   • preferred times to call

We are able to give support in English or German. If wanted, we can open a desktop sharing connection and interactively look at your problem together. This will be done with the help of the software TeamViewer (see http://www.teamviewer.com). You do not need to purchase a licence for this software, because enGits GmbH has the required licence and hence you will have no additional costs. We will call you back as soon as possible but definitely within 48 hours (working days only). For example: If you contact us on a Friday at 2 pm, we will call you back before Tuesday 2pm. In most cases, however, we will call you within an hour or two. For customers outside of Europe, please take into account that we are only able to give support during standard office hours (GMT+1).

Price & Billing

The rate for enGrid support is 100€/hour net and the minimal time is three minutes (equivalent to 5€). Support time needs to be purchased and paid in advance and you will receive a formal invoice. You can buy support in packages of 30 minutes, 60 min., 90 min. and so on. If you are a German customer, or a private person, German VAT will be added (currently 19%). Commercial EU customers can avoid this by providing their VAT identification number. Commercial customers ouside the EU are not usually subjected to German VAT for this type of service; we reserve the right, however, to check this on a case by case basis. For larger customers with continuous support requirements we can offer to set up a framework contract with monthly invoices (please call for details).

We accept bank transfer and PayPal payments. Payments via PayPal are very quick and PayPal offers the possibility to pay by credit card as well.