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enGrid - open-source mesh generation

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enGrid is an open-source mesh generation software with CFD applications in mind. enGrid uses an in-house development for surface meshing and prismatic boundary layers; a module for hex far-fields will be added in the next release. Tetrahedral parts of the mesh are created by calling the Netgen library. Internally, enGrid uses the VTK data structures as well as the *.vtu file format.

Currently enGrid has interfaces to Blender [3], Gmsh, STL, and a few other file formats. Gmsh can be used to import STEP and IGES files and it can also be used for simple geometry modeling.

Since the 1.2 release, enGrid provides native export to OpenFOAM® and since 1.4 for SU2. This includes export capabilities for complete OpenFOAM cases (including boundary conditions), as well as support for polyhedral cells. enGrid is released under the GPL and we hope that it is a useful addition to the open-source CFD community.


The initial development phase of ENGRID has been funded by the European Space Agency (see link below).


Currently ENGRID development is funded from ongoing consultancy projects. A major customer who contributes significantly to the funding is the company ILF in Innsbruck, Austria (see link below).


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